Join the Needle Felt Rainbow Challenge and Spread some Love Around

"Hi I'm Sophie Wheatley of All Things Felt & Beautiful -
Needle felt with me as I show you how to make a rainbow to share across the internet and help spread some love & hope at this time."

It's easy - make a rainbow and share it!

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Let's see how many rainbows we can make

New to needle felting and need the kit?

We've got you covered!

I've teamed up with Claire Vines of Claire's Crafts Create to bring you everything you need to make a rainbow. The "Rainbow of Hope" needle felt kit includes - all the wool colours, specialist needle, felt backing, sponge mat and hoop to frame.

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50% of all kit sales will be donated to the Red Cross
are instrumental in delivering aid during the Covid19 crisis.

Through her best selling online course & free tutorials (My Best Ever Dog Portrait! and "Needle Felt With Me!") Sophie regularly connects with a thriving online community of followers who love her gentle and encouraging approach to teaching. 

Sophie proves that with her simple step-by-step tutorials even those newest to needle felting can overcome their self-doubt and make needle felt art they truly LOVE!

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